KELLY HEALY views Interior Design as creating an experience or feeling when walking into a space. The mission to create a space that is meaningful and authentic to her clients--a space that taps into who they really are and how they wish to live--is the driving force and the purpose for creating Belhaakon. When someone asks Kelly, “what would you say your aesthetic is?”, the answer is clear: "I love a design that feels thoughtful, authetic to a concept or vision, and allows a person to feel the purpose behind the design". A person’s aesthetic is everchanging and growing, so to choose one point of view limits the possibilities. The exiciting part about being an Interior Designer and working with clients is understanding what design and aesthetic direction speaks to them and makes them feel most inspired. As the design process unfolds Kelly’s expertise and passion for meaningful design melds with her clients vision, creating an enviroment that surpasses expectations and lables.

Kelly started her Interior Design career in New York City where she worked for award wining designers and obtained a Degree in Interior Design from Parsons studying in both New York and Paris. Living and working in New York City for 8 years helped breed a determination to carve out her own point of view and approach on design. Kelly thrives on imagining the impossible or the unexpected and then works tirelessly to figure out how to make it possible. Prior to moving to New York City, Kelly obtained her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration while under a full athletic scholarship. Kelly’s commitment to a team and the ability to thrive in a collaborative environment allows for endless possibilities.

Since moving back to her home state of Massachusetts in 2013 and after a 4 year partnership with award winning Interior Design Studio, Davis Scott, Kelly Founded Belhaakon in 2018. Kelly currently lives on the North Shore of Boston with her Husband, John, and 2 young children, Birdie (Bel) and Hudson (Haakon). She lives every day to stay true to herself and her point of view, while continuing to push boundries and keep an open mind toward the future.